vCenter Server High Availability

vCenter Server High Availability or vCenter HA, is one of the most promising feature of vCenter Server 6.5, which provides highest availability for the vCenter Server, without any Microsoft Windows Clustering. Prior to version 6.5, high availability for the vCenter Server could be achieved by means of clustering of Windows based vCenter Server (Supported version …

vCenter Server service is not accessible.

This article is going to showcase you how to approach this issue as I have seen during my days that the customers have tried restarting the services / server so many times that the logs have been rolled over and there is no way left to identify what caused the problem in the first place. …

Setting up vROPS for the first time.

This was my first attempt to setup vROPS with a VxRail environment (though VxRail part was irrelevant).

vROPS Documents

Collection of vROPS related Documents and Videos Architecture Overview : Design Detail : Video tutorial available for vrops from vmware : Reference Architecture : The last document covers best practices, initial considerations, scalability and other requirement details related to a deployment. Configuration guide for load balancing :


The thumb-rule to troubleshooting of any product / solution / protocol is to find out more about your problem. Once you have identified the symptoms, finding a solution is not a difficult task. Majority of time the issues related to Infrastructure that is reported to VMware Technical Support has not been diagnosed properly. Due to that, …