vROPS 6.7 deployment

I went through the vROPS Installation and deployment, the process is pretty much the same as in version 6.6 (Here is the link for a vrops deployment documentation which I did : https://wordpress.com/post/virtuallyghosted.wordpress.com/175) except for one page which is about adding node for high availability cluster in vrops.

Under topic : Procedure to create master node of vROPS, after step 6 we have a step to add a node to high availability cluster of vROPS, that is the only visible change in the installation step from the previous version of vROPS (that is version 6.6.1)


With vSphere 6.7 in HTML5 we now have option to configure and manage vrops from the client, which was not possible on old version. That is a really good upgrade to the HTML client. It also allows you to add in your existing vROPS infrastructure to vCenter Server to view the monitoring tool under the same window which is a really good option.

Will share more update on vROPS soon.

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