vSphere 6.7 installation.

With this article I am sharing my experience on vSphere 6.7 installation. This article specifically talks about doing a fresh install of vCenter Server appliance. But before proceeding with the install I would recommend you to take a step back and look through all the prerequisite documents [Click here].

Below are the steps on how to go through with the vCenter Server appliance 6.7 deployment.

  • Mount the vCenter Server appliance iso files go to the location to start off with a new deployment of vCenter Server , [Drive]:\vcsa-ui-installer\win32 and execute installer.exe in administrator mode.


  • You will see the below screen.

setup screen

  • Click on the Install option which will take you through the vCenter Server installation.
  • Introduction screen of setup comes up, click on Next to continue.


  • Accept the EULA [End User License Agreement] and click on Next to continue.
  • Select deployment type(I went ahead with Embedded PSC option as this is a Lab environment and I have limited resource) and click on Next to continue.

deployment mode.JPG

  • Provide Appliance deployment target details [Provide the ESXi / vCenter server FQDN/IP and credential where you want to host the new vCenter server appliance] and click on Next.
  • Setup the appliance VM – Provide the VM name and root account password and click on Next.
  • Select the deployment size [Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large] and click on Next.
  • Select the datastore location to deploy the appliance [You have an option to keep the appliance thick or thin]  and click on Next.
  • Configure network settings [this is the configuration of your vCenter server appliance] and click on Next.
  • You are Ready to complete stage 1 [Before proceeding with the install check all the details that have been provided] and click on Finish.
  • This stage is going to take some time as the vCenter Server appliance has to be deployed and made ready will all applications installed on it.
    stage1 complete

Stage 2 of the vCenter server installation


  • Click on Set up.
  • Log in to vCenter server appliance pops up and click on Login.
  • Introduction screen loads on the menu, click on Next.
  • Next is Appliance configuration needs to be verified, [ssh access needs to be enabled] and post that click on Next.
  • SSO configuration needs to be done in this step once updated click on Next.
  • Next you will see Configure CEIP [VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program] &click on Next to continue.
  • Review the settings of Stage 2 of Install(Ready to complete), before clicking on Finish.

Note : this will take some time to complete the configuration.

stage2 complete

When you launch the Appliance page this is what is take to (Quite neat).


Well, this is what loads up for HTML5 client.


Not much of change by the looks of it but it is too early to complain. I will continue to explore the product and share my experience and issues with you all on the same.

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