Performance Troubleshooting Virtual Machine

Performance related issue with VM(s).

If you are experiencing performance issue in your environment, you can ask the below questions to isolate the problem first hand.

  • Logical approach to isolate the problem should be where is the performance issue identified, that is,
    • who has identified the issue.
    • What is / was his experience.
    • What does the Task Manager / Resource monitor has to say about the resource usage in terms of CPU, Memory, Storage & Network usage.
    • Was it a one time occurrence.
    • Is it an expected outcome, considering the amount of resource that has been allocated to the system.
  • Is this issue seen with one specific VM or are their more than one VM which is facing this problem.
  • If it is seen with one specific VM, then start from isolating the problem from Guest OS level and then check the Host side.
  • Inside the guest OS start by checking the Task Manager and Resource monitor to isolate the issue starting from CPU, Memory, Storage to Network, considering the problem.
  • If there are more than one VM which is facing the problem find out what all factors are common across them from the Host level.
  • Is there a specific pattern to the problem.
  • Is there a specific time window when the issue is re-occurring each time
  • Is there a scheduled job running in the environment or the VM’s in question, at the same time.
  • Is it at Guest level or at Host level issue.

Finding the answer’s to will save a lot of effort and time in isolating the problem at a later stage of troubleshooting.

Here are few read through material from various site’s which I had used during my days as a TSE.

By Ravi Verma

Ravi Verma is currently employed with a Startup company based out from Bangalore, India. And is currently focusing on cloud centric technologies like Software defined infrastructure, Integration, Automation and Operations with on-premises data center and Cloud provider services like GCP and AWS.

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